The EPFL Transportation Center addresses all issues related to transport and mobility. Its main role is to foster technology transfer in this field through the initiation of partnerships with industrial and public authorities. About forty laboratories from five faculties at EPFL are affiliated and lead interdisciplinary research projects.

Over 110 projects have already been initiated in areas which include, for example, robotics, information and communications technology, land use, energy efficiency, urban sociology or areas such as security and comfort in cars and trains. Discover TRACE.


Competing in the Hydrocontest with a new boat


Summer series - Students' projects. On 11 August, the three Swiss universities that will compete in the upcoming Hydrocontest – EPFL, HES-SO Fribourg and HEIG Yverdon – will unveil their boats in Yverdon-les-Bains. EPFL’s team is n

An underwater tunnel connecting Geneva and Lausanne


Summer series - student project. Drawing inspiration from Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and the Swissmetro initiative, a civil engineering Master’s student has looked into the possibility of building an underwater high-speed train route thro

The late trains you see – and those you don't


Summer series. Students' projects – For her semester project, civil engineering student Chloé Lafaye designed and ran a series of simulations to model how train delays propagate down a rail line and compare the two generations of tra