The EPFL Transportation Center addresses all issues related to transport and mobility. Its main role is to foster technology transfer in this field through the initiation of partnerships with industrial and public authorities. About forty laboratories from five faculties at EPFL are affiliated and lead interdisciplinary research projects.

Over 150 projects have already been initiated in areas which include, for example, robotics, information and communications technology, land use, energy efficiency, urban sociology or areas such as security and comfort in cars and trains. Discover TRACE.

Web application helps urban planners design cities

EPFL researchers have developed a web-based software program that takes a whole new approach to urban planning. Planners simply enter the various objectives they want to achieve – in terms of built density, quality of life, cost, use o

“I've decided to give up my car”

What are the factors that would drive someone to change their lifestyle and, especially, give up their car? EPFL visiting researcher Alexandre Rigal has devoted his thesis to finding out.

More energy-efficient cruise ships

An EPFL researcher has developed a system based on fuel cells to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption of cruise ships, which are increasingly popular among vacation goers around the world.

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