The EPFL Transportation Center addresses all issues related to transport and mobility. Its main role is to foster technology transfer in this field through the initiation of partnerships with industrial and public authorities. About forty laboratories from five faculties at EPFL are affiliated and lead interdisciplinary research projects.

Over 150 projects have already been initiated in areas which include, for example, robotics, information and communications technology, land use, energy efficiency, urban sociology or areas such as security and comfort in cars and trains. Discover TRACE.

Reserve your driving time to reduce traffic congestion

For his thesis, EPFL PhD student Raphaël Lamotte studied rush-hour traffic congestion. He suggests implementing a system whereby commuters reserve time on a special traffic lane – like booking a seat on a flight – to help cities acc

Connected urban planners can better serve city residents

By comparing the cities of Geneva and Singapore, an EPFL thesis found that urban planners can reap multiple benefits by better leveraging digital technology. That will not only make their processes more efficient, but also let them incor

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