Student Projects and internships

We gladly welcome opportunities for our students to work on real case studies. Finding real solutions to real problems is indeed the best training they could have in order to face the challenges that lie ahead in their professional path. Be it for a first analysis during a 4-month Semester project or a more in-depth study for their Master project, students are enthusiastic to try out new ideas with the assistance of our Professors.

It has been experienced many times that such work has the potential to lead to important developments in further stages of research. Furthermore, students may have the willingness and time to explore new avenues of research or promising trains of thought that your staff may not always have the time or the resources to explore.

Students also have the possibility to complete their education with a 6-month internship in the industry, in order to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in a real working environment. Meanwhile, their presence in your company can be refreshing and positive synergies may emerge from their contact with the company’s permanent staff. Hybrid collaborations of this kind are great vectors towards innovative ways of thinking.

If you’re interested in proposing a subject of study or an internship in the field of transportation to our students, please send an email to to discuss the various ways our students could bring added value to the research projects that you wish to push forward.