Prof. Michel Bierlaire
+41 21 693 25 37

Michel Bierlaire is the director of TRACE since its creation in 2009, in charge of the strategic and academic aspects of the center. Trained as a mathematician, he is specialized in the mathematical modeling of transportation systems, their optimization and simulation.
  Deputy Director

Simone Amorosi
+41 21 693 31 40

Simone Amorosi has a background in Material Engineering and in Microengineering. He has been working in research centers (CERN and EPFL) and in the greentech industry. During the last 5 years, he acquired a deep expertise in the field of railway transportation.
  Head of Media & Communication

Anne-Muriel Brouet
+41 21 693 24 42

Anne-Muriel Brouet is the entry point for the media to all issues regarding transportation and mobility at EPFL. She has an experience of 18 years in journalism, and holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Certificate in Journalism.
Industrial Liaison Officer

Bertrand Wüthrich
+41 21 693 23 02

Bertrand Wüthrich  works as industrial liaison Officer. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from EPFL and a CFC in Polymechanics. Specialized in energy, he has worked in solar energy and has completed several international assignments.
  SBB Key Account Manager/ Industrial Liaison Officer

Alexandre Milot
+41 21 693 27 71

Alexandre Milot works as the SBB Key Account manager and an Industrial Liaison Officer. On completion of his master’s degree in engineering, he worked as a structural and civil engineer in the construction area before moving into the rail transport and energy sectors.
Administrative Officer

Dominique Gremaud
+41 21 693 23 45

Dominique Gremaud is TRACE’s administrative assistant. Dominique has been working for almost 15 years at EPFL for the Laboratory of Traffic Facilities. She is also currently working for the Geo Energy Laboratory.
  Project Manager

Claudio Leonardi
+41 21 693 24 28

Claudio Leonardi is the head of Clip-Air project at EPFL, in charge of the architecture, the structure and the management of the project. Claudio Leonardi has already been involved in a number of major projects, including Solar Impulse. He also has a ten-year experience as a private pilote.